Bodie’s Rescue

bodieKatherine, an 84-year-old widow from Pacifica, is very fond of telling her many friends that, in her opinion, the only dogs worth having are English Bulldogs. A mischievous friend emailed the website for NorCal Bulldog Rescue to Katherine, who spotted Bodie and was immediately smitten. In May 2016 she brought Bodie home from Elk Grove, California.

When Placerville SPCA picked up Bodie, her condition was pretty bad: she weighed only 30 pounds, there were wounds and scars indicating abuse, and they estimated that she was about 14 years old. She would have been euthanized but she was so sweet and gentle that the rescue group took her in, took care of her medical needs and got her weight up to forty-one pounds before making her available for adoption.

Katherine quickly discovered that Bodie was totally untrained, not house broken, and stone deaf. But Bodie responded well to training: she learned to walk on a leash, poop and pee outside, sleep on the bed and love car rides.

In June 2016 Bodie developed a bloody urinary tract infection that responded well to antibiotics. Then in August she began to pass larger amounts of blood. An ultrasound revealed a fully intact and badly infected uterus (pyometra). The only treatment for this condition is surgery to remove the infected uterus. Katherine’s problem was that between a new transmission for her car, Bodie’s ultrasound and other meds, there was no money to pay for the surgery and euthanasia was once again a heartbreaking probability.

Fortunately, Dr. de Punzio had a grant from SF Aid for Animals and with the hospital match the cost for the surgery was lowered to an affordable level. The surgery was successful, Bodie is well and life is good. Katherine has great praise for the entire staff at Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital and will always be thankful for their care of Bodie and for the grant from San Francisco Aid for Animals that help save her life.