Hunter Beats Parvo

Eileen and her family almost lost their beloved puppy Hunter to Parvo: the financial burden for his medical care by far exceeded what the family could afford. Fortunately, his veterinarians used grants from San Francisco Aid for Animals to reduce the cost to a level that was manageable. Hunter is now over three months old and a happy, tail-wagging and rapidly-growing family member.

In Eileen’s own words: “As a family we cannot thank AIMSS and San Francisco Aid for Animals enough for giving us the gift of saving our dog Hunter. He has become such a big part of our family and was from the first day we met him. It was an emotional roller coaster first bringing him home and then watching him almost die of a nasty virus from which he had no protection. We shed a lot of tears every day during his time in the hospital. He did charm all the staff at AIMSS with his bright blue eyes and everyone fell in love with him. We can’t thank enough all of those whose donations to SFAFA have helped families like ours save our beloved Hunter.”

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