Buster Memorial Fund

It is with tremendous gratitude that we highlight, Johnny and Peggy Lo, esteemed donors and champions of SFAfA. Proud owners of Daisy and Toby, the Los understand the gravity and hardship that a veterinary crisis can create. Through their generous donation, the Los hope to provide relief to owners who otherwise would not be able to afford their pet care needs.

Johnny and Peggy’s donation comes to us in memory of their beloved dog, Buster. A spirited and loving, Maltipoo, Buster was a cherished member of the Lo family. Tragically, Buster was killed by a wild Coyote in San Francisco’s, Stern Grove. Sadly, this is an all too common crisis in our local area and an issue they stress local dog owners need to be vigilant around. They share: “Buster was a delightful dog and our first small dog.  He was in charge of our Cocker Spaniel, Toby, and had a huge personality with no idea he was only 10 lbs. He was very affectionate, and we still miss him today.”

Our mission could not be realized without the generosity of supporters like Johnny and Peggy, and we thank them for this incredible gift!

Johnny and Peggy’s beloved rescue dogs, Daisy and Toby