Daisy Fountain Memorial

February 14, 2013 A valentine for our pets Dear Friends, I am writing to introduce you to an organization that I’m personally throwing myself behind to help raise much-needed funds, San Francisco Aid for Animals. SFAfA provides charitable grants for critical veterinary services to pet guardians facing financial hardship in the San Francisco community. These grants serve as a safety net for those pets with urgent medical needs that would otherwise result in euthanasia or surrender. My reason for doing this Continue Reading

Community Thrift and SFAfA

San Francisco Aid for Animals is now on the charity roster of Community Thrift! That means you can donate furniture, clothes, books, etc. to Community Thrift AND shop for items there (code 44) – all to benefit SFAfA. Learn about what type of donations are accepted and get directions to the Donate Door here (it can be a little tricky to find): www.communitythriftsf.org/donate