Junior & Churris

ChHere’s the story: Cesar was about to take the laundry downstairs but Junior and Churris were horsing around in the hallway. He told them to stop but they continued until Churris accidently bumped Junior and down the stairs he fell. A trip to the ER confirmed a broken leg, a surgeon was called, the fracture was repaired and Junior went home a chastised and hopefully wiser child. And Cesar’s medical insurance paid most of the costs.

In reality Junior and Churris are not Cesar’s children but are his two ten month-old Chihuahua puppies. The remainder of the tale is exactly the same except for the problem with the costs. Unfortunately Junior’s medical bills at the SPCA Veterinary Hospital and at SF Veterinary Specialists were considerably more than Cesar could afford. In this case, as in many others, Cesar did not have pet health insurance and so was left with the heart-breaking choice of either finding financial help or possibly not taking Junior home. Fortunately the veterinarians at both clinics had grants from SFAFA that they combined to significantly lower the costs to a level that Cesar could afford. Junior had his surgery, is home in Daly City and hopefully staying away from the stairs.

Cesar told us that he was very grateful for SFAFA being there for him as “he had nowhere else to go”.  You can see by the photos that these are two very well loved little guys. (PD)