LilyAngela has had dogs for most of her life but was “between dogs” in October 2015 when her cousin presented her with an eight-week old toy fox terrier puppy, whom she named Lily. In December, to accommodate her Christmas tree, Angela moved her sofa up against a window. Suddenly Lily had a new spot to sit and view the world. On December 10, Lily, from her spot on the sofa, saw Angela talking with a neighbor on the front sidewalk and, being a curious puppy, decided to join them, but soon found herself airborne fifteen feet above the sidewalk. The landing was very rough. Poor Lily was crying and trying to get up but only two of her legs would support her.

Angela rushed Lily to her local veterinarian who referred her to the SPCA veterinary hospital who in turn referred her to San Francisco Veterinary Specialists. An orthopedic surgeon repaired Lily’s fractured femur with a steel plate and placed a splint on her fractured front paw. The next day Lily, with tail wagging, was ready to go home. In subsequent weeks, Lily had several rechecks to change the splint and to X-ray the legs to assure that the bones were healing properly. The charges were considerably more than Angela could afford. Fortunately, five veterinarians at SFVS combined their grants from SF Aid for Animals, which lowered Lily’s medical bill to a much more reasonable level.

Lily has recovered well and is back to being the happy, active puppy she was before the accident and Angela is keeping her away from open windows.

Angela has great praise for the staff at SF Veterinary Specialists (including the car parking valets) and for SF Aid for Animals, without whom Lily’s surgery and medical care would not have been possible.