China’s Tail Is Wagging Again

China's tail is wagging again

China’s tail is wagging again

China entered Josie’s life on September 11, 2011 when her guardian was no longer able to care for the three-month-old female pit bull. Josie took one look at the happy, tail wagging pup and spontaneously decided that she needed a dog. She got all of her vaccinations, was spayed, generally behaved herself and formed a very close bond with Josie, who had several health issues and lived on a fixed income.

China began to develop severe allergic skin disease before she was even a year old. She was in constant misery and suffered with unrelenting inflamed skin and ears and the secondary infections that followed. Sadly, there is no cure for allergies in dogs but allergy testing and immunotherapy (allergy shots) are a great way to desensitize dogs with these conditions. Unfortunately, Josie could not afford to buy allergy testing or a treatment program for China, so for the past four years China has been treated by Dr. Alex Herman at All Pets Hospital in San Francisco with a wide variety of medications, baths and ointments in an attempt to keep her allergies under control and to make her as comfortable as possible.

Recently Dr. Herman received a grant from SF Aid for Animals and used it to help Josie pay for extensive allergy testing and immunotherapy for China. She is now receiving weekly shots to help control her allergic skin disease.

Josie is extremely thankful to Dr. Herman and the entire staff at All Pets Hospital and to SF Aid for Animals for making it possible for China to receive the treatment she needs to live a happier and more comfortable life.