Miss Candy’s Stumble

miss-candyMiss Candy arrived at Betty’s home in 2006 after the death of a relative. The four-year-old Pekingese’s chronic inner ear defect resulted in a permanent head tilt and the tendency to circle to the left. This has not stopped Miss Candy going on walks and living a happy life for the past ten years with Betty and her husband.

Betty and Miss Candy visited Mission Pet Hospital at least once a year for checkups and necessary shots. As Miss Candy aged her legs got a little weaker and she had less control of her circling problem. All went well until March 2016, when in bit of excited play she ran into a doorjamb with enough force to seriously damage her left eye.

The veterinarians at Mission Pet Hospital determined that the eye was so seriously damaged that the only possible treatment was surgical removal. Unfortunately Betty did not have the $3700 needed to cover the surgery and Miss Candy’s future was very uncertain. However, the four vets at Mission Pet Hospital, Drs. Claire Blumstein, Jill Fortuna, David Gordon, and Mark Wade, knowing of Betty’s financial situation and her love for Miss Candy, combined all of their grants from SF Aid for Animals and with the hospital match they covered the entire cost of Miss Candy’s surgery. Betty reports that since the surgery Miss Candy is doing very well. Her appetite has returned and she’s even putting on a bit of “winter weight” as her guardian affectionately refers to it.

Betty wants to thank the entire staff at Mission Pet Hospital for the wonderful care they have provided to Miss Candy over her entire life and to San Francisco Aid for Animals for the financial aid that helped save Miss Candy’s life.