Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals

We are thrilled to announce that the Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals will be helping more animals in 2020! For the fourth year running, the The Tauber Foundation has again generously provided for this fund, which will work alongside our existing grant in aid program. Vets working with SFAfA will be able to apply for supplemental funding for high-cost cases meeting our guidelines.

As before, the fund will provide matching gift opportunities to help leverage new donations and encourage increased donation amounts.

What is the Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals?
The Ingrid Tauber Fund for Animals (TFA) is designed to support cases where high anticipated costs prevent a hospital from subsidizing or donating treatment costs. This may be because the dollar for dollar match of donated veterinary services required by the GIA for a particular case is too much for a hospital to consider or simply because GIA funds have been exhausted. The TFA program is separate and independent from the GIA program.

Fire Funds
In October 2017, the Ingrid D. Tauber Fund provided San Francisco Aid for Animals with the funding necessary to establish a separate program dedicated to the care and treatment of animals injured and displaced by the terrible wildfires that affected Napa, Sonoma and neighboring areas. When the Camp Fire, that went on to wipe out nearly the entire town of Paradise, roared to life in early November 2018, the Tauber Fire Fund was ready to help funding the treatment of animals in the fire impacted areas as well as animals that had been evacuated to our participating hospitals in San Francisco. Supplemented by an amazing response from individual donors, the Tauber Fire Fund save the lives of many pets whose owners had lost everything in the fires.  We join our hospitals in thanking the Ingrid D. Tauber Fund for its generous, compassionate and ongoing support.