Henry’s Journey

Henry is a lovable Dachshund whose companion, Catherine, found herself in a very tough spot earlier this year. It’s hard to believe that Henry was an unwanted puppy. Fortunately Catherine was looking for her ‘perfect dachshund’, saw his face online and was immediately smitten. She drove to Manteca, California, picked him up and brought him home to San Francisco. Catherine loved him and he loved her and all was well for almost five years. This past January Henry began to have back problems. First, there was Continue Reading

Hunter Beats Parvo

Eileen and her family almost lost their beloved puppy Hunter to Parvo: the financial burden for his medical care by far exceeded what the family could afford. Fortunately, his veterinarians used grants from San Francisco Aid for Animals to reduce the cost to a level that was manageable. Hunter is now over three months old and a happy, tail-wagging and rapidly-growing family member. In Eileen’s own words: “As a family we cannot thank AIMSS and San Francisco Aid for Animals Continue Reading


Angela has had dogs for most of her life but was “between dogs” in October 2015 when her cousin presented her with an eight-week old toy fox terrier puppy, whom she named Lily. In December, to accommodate her Christmas tree, Angela moved her sofa up against a window. Suddenly Lily had a new spot to sit and view the world. On December 10, Lily, from her spot on the sofa, saw Angela talking with a neighbor on the front sidewalk Continue Reading