Miss Candy’s Stumble

Miss Candy arrived at Betty’s home in 2006 after the death of a relative. The four-year-old Pekingese’s chronic inner ear defect resulted in a permanent head tilt and the tendency to circle to the left. This has not stopped Miss Candy going on walks and living a happy life for the past ten years with Betty and her husband. Betty and Miss Candy visited Mission Pet Hospital at least once a year for checkups and necessary shots. As Miss Candy Continue Reading

Bodie’s Rescue

Katherine, an 84-year-old widow from Pacifica, is very fond of telling her many friends that, in her opinion, the only dogs worth having are English Bulldogs. A mischievous friend emailed the website for NorCal Bulldog Rescue to Katherine, who spotted Bodie and was immediately smitten. In May 2016 she brought Bodie home from Elk Grove, California. When Placerville SPCA picked up Bodie, her condition was pretty bad: she weighed only 30 pounds, there were wounds and scars indicating abuse, and Continue Reading

Milo The Cat

They call me Milo now but my name used to be Claude Van Damme. Probably due to my good looks and physical prowess. After all I am an orange tabby! My mom had grey hair and glasses and called me Claudie. Every morning I gave her a hug around the neck and she gave me hugs and pets and treats all day long. My dad had a beard and called me Damme-cat and daily attempted to pet me with a Continue Reading